About us

MedNytt - a Norwegian database with alerts of new and emerging technologies

MedNytt is a database with alerts of new and emerging health technologies. The database is owned by the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services (NOKC). The aim of MedNytt is to support decision makers and healthcare workers in the Norwegian health care services with identifying and assessing new medical technologies. The data­base covers methods for diagnostics, drugs, proce­dures and medical equipment for a broad range of categories.

Regularly, the databases of the international collaborators of NOKC are scanned for alerts of new technologies. Links to the alerts are published in MedNytt. All titles are translated into Norwegian to facilitate search in Norwegian as well as in English. Norwegian abstracts and additional information about dissemination, regulatory status and costs in Norway, are published for selected technologies each month.

Health professionals, researchers and patients are welcome to propose technologies that may need our attention.


Alerts of new and emerging Health Technologies are part of The National System for the Introduction of Health Technologies within the Specialist Health Services. An alert may lead to a Health Technology assessment.

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